Video-Interview for ROLAND V-Drums

During the last Heaven Shall Burn European tour, I did a 5-minute video-interview for ROLAND. Thanks to everyone for helping me get 11 language subtitles together so more people could have the chance to get some inside view…Thank you!

  • С субтитрами на русском языке (with russian subtitles)
  • 한국어 자막 (with korean subtitles)
  • 使用中文字幕 (with chinese subtitles)
  • 日本語字幕付き (with japanese subtitles)
  • Türkçe altyazılı (with turkish subtitles)
  • Con subtítulos en español (with spanish subtitles)
  • Subtitulos em Portugues (with portugese subtitles)
  • Avec sous-titres français (with french subtitles)
  • Magyar felirattal (with hungarian subtitles)
  • Met Nederlandse ondertiteling (with dutch subtitles)
  • with english subtitles