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Heaven Shall Burn fans know and appreciate the massive doublebass grounding that Christian Bass gives to the music of this band. Since 2013, he has been a member of the german melodic death giants after standing in several times as a substitute drummer starting in 2006.

Born in 1977 in Dinslaken, he taught himself to play drums after discovering his love for the instrument in 1992. Luckily, his older brother already had a drum-kit set up in the basement. At the age of 15, he played his first live show. By the time he turned 18, Christian signed a deal with the German label Nuclear Blast resulting in several album releases with his band Night In Gales.

But, one group wasn‘t enough for the gifted musician. He then became a member of Negativ Null, Deadsoil, Der Weg Einer Freiheit (until 2011), White Eyes, and Bloodred Bacteria as well. Several other outfits choose his skills when they needed a session drummer for live-shows or recordings. Among those bands were: Implore, Dew-Scented, All But One, Deadlock and Born From Pain. Until now, Christian has played around 500 gigs and worked in the studio for a diverse array of groups and projects.

In 2014, the trained graphic designer and vocational teacher moved to Berlin to take up employement at a vocational school to give lessons in media technics and german language. He developed a personal time management system to fit his day job together with the weekly Heaven Shall Burn rehearsal in Saalfeld hundreds of miles away.

By the side of dedicated persons like: author Cornelia Funke, racer Nico Rosberg, actress Maria Furtwängler, and soccer player Philipp Lahm, Christian is committed to promoting reading and literature to kids as an ambassador of the German reading foundation „Stiftung Lesen.“

And there is much more energy: In 2016, the music lover and collector founded his Label „Affront Vinyl“ to release mini vinyl editions of selected metalbands he knows personally and likes.

Christian Bass is always interested in new music, projects, studiowork etc.

(Written by Tim Hofmann 2018)



[2021] NEGATIV NULL - Gesamtwerk 2016-2017 CD/Tape (RSR/Injustice Records)
[2020] HEAVEN SHALL BURN - Of Truth And Sacrifice 2xLP/2xCD (Century Media)
[2017] NEGATIV NULL - Kategorisch Aggressiv LP (RSR)
[2017] NEGATIV NULL - Germany Will Be Worse 4 x 7"-Box (Flowerviolence Records)
[2017] DIE NEGATION - Herrschaft Der Vernunft LP/CD (Cargo Records)
[2017] ALL BUT ONE - Square One CD (Lifeforce Records)
[2017] BITTERFELDT - Götzendämmerung CD (Massacre Records)
[2016] HEAVEN SHALL BURN - Wanderer LP/CD/MC (Century Media)
[2016] DIE NEGATION - Das Versteck/Schalen Des Zorns 7" (Cargo Records)
[2016] NEGATIV NULL - Wir können gar nicht so viel fressen, wie wir kotzen wollen 7" (Affront Vinyl)
[2015] HEAVEN SHALL BURN - Napalm Death Split 7" (Century Media)
[2015] IMPLORE - Depopulation LP/CD (Pelagic Records)
[2014] BLOODRED BACTERIA - Bastard Noise Split 12" (Streak Records)
[2014] AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE - Triple Brutal LP/CD (Artery Recordings)
[2013] DEADLOCK - The Arsonist LP/CD (Napalm Records)
[2013] GORTHAUR'S WRATH - War For Heaven (Eternal Sound Records)
[2012] WHITE EYES - The Kill Split 5" (To Live A Lie Records)
[2011] DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT - Agonie MLP/MCD (Viva Hate Records)
[2010] WHITE EYES - Aneurysm 7" (Hirntrust Grind Media)
[2010] AGGROTRONIC - Es Ist Kraft CD (Ecocentric Records)
[2010] THE DESTINY PROGRAM - Gathas CD (Bastardized Recordings)
[2009] BASTARD NOISE - Our Earth's Blood IV 5x CD (Cathartic Process)
[2009] WHITE EYES - Japanische Kampfhörspiele Split 7" (Bastardized Recordings)
[2009] DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT - Der Weg einer Freiheit LP/CD (Viva Hate Records)
[2008] WHITE EYES - Beastmode CD (Blastasfuk Records)
[2007] WHITE EYES - A Demonstration Of White Eyes MCD (Baskat Records)
[2006] DEADSOIL - Sacrifice CD (Lifeforce Records)
[2006] BLOODRED BACTERIA - Ruined Split 7" (WIFAGENA Records)
[2006] THE ARCHITECTONIC PRINCIPLE OF THE MENTAL APPARATUS - Specimen Tryptichon 3x 3" CD (Ecocentric Records)
[2006] BLOODRED BACTERIA - Kiss The Goat CD (Power It Up Records)
[2005] END OF DAYS - Dedicated To The Extreme CD (Alveran Records)
[2005] BLOODRED BACTERIA - Tribute To Some 3-Lettered CD (Jerk Off Records)
[2005] BLOODRED BACTERIA - Abscess Split CD (Bestial Burst Records)
[2004] DEADSOIL - The Venom Divine Pic-12"/CD (Lifeforce Records)
[2003] BLOODRED BACTERIA - Bastard Noise Split MCD (Ecocentric Records)
[2003] BLOODRED BACTERIA - Agathocles Split 7" (Cah Records)
[2003] DEADSOIL - Forever The Enemy 10"/MCD (Poisonfree Records)
[2002] BLOODRED BACTERIA - Swarrrm Split CD (MCR Company)
[2002] BLOODRED BACTERIA - 7 Minutes Of Nausea Split CD (DAC Productions)
[2001] BLOODRED BACTERIA - Total Fucking Destruction Split 7" (SOA Records)
[2001] NIGHT IN GALES - Necrodynamic CD (Massacre Records)
[2000] BLOODRED BACTERIA - Bloodred Bacteria 7" (Bacteria Recordings)
[2000] NIGHT IN GALES - Nailwork CD (Nuclear Blast Records)
[1998] NIGHT IN GALES - Thunderbeast CD (Nuclear Blast Records)
[1997] NIGHT IN GALES - Towards The Twilight LP/CD (Nuclear Blast Records)
[1996] NIGHT IN GALES - Razor 7" (MDD Records)
[1995] NIGHT IN GALES - Sylphlike MCD (self-released)